Development Of Children Aged 16 Months

Illustration of Development Of Children Aged 16 Months
Illustration: Development Of Children Aged 16 Months

Malem doc .. I want to ask, my child is 16 months old but doesn’t look back when he is called by his name, can’t imitate “mama / papa / baba etc.” the focus is less with just one object, don’t like seeing faces when asked or interacting . And there are strange habits like to suck his head. A few questions I ask for enlightenment Thank you 🙂

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In general, the development of each child can indeed be different. However, most children can respond when their name is called at 6-9 months (average age of 7 months) and will be able to say simple words like "mama / papa / baba" between the ages of 10-12 months. Babies have short attention skills (can only pay attention when spoken to or when reading a book in a short period of time only) an average of 3-5 minutes per year of child age (for example a 1-year-old child can pay attention for 3-5 minutes, 2-year-old children can give attention for 6-10 minutes, and so on). From the age of 4 months, babies should also be able to make eye contact, especially with their primary caregiver. At the age of 1 year eye contact should be made consciously by the child (for example when called or spoken to, the child will make eye contact with the person who calls / invites to talk).

If until the age of 16 months your child has not been able to respond to his name, can not speak simple words, can not focus or make eye contact when spoken to, then there may indeed be developmental disorders in your child. We recommend that you do further tests to the pediatrician to find out more about the developmental disorders that are owned by the child and whether there are certain physical factors that cause this developmental disorder (for example, hearing or visual impairment). This examination should be carried out as soon as possible by pediatricians so that disturbances can be found and managed immediately and the development is not further disturbed.

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