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what is the best medicine to relieve diabetes for my mother, is saffron good for diabetes ????

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Hi Ardian,

Thank you for the question.

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the body is unable to metabolize sugar properly so that it builds up in the blood, due to inadequate insulin production, or because of the body's resistance to the action of the hormone insulin. This condition can make sufferers feel often thirsty, often hungry, frequent urination, weakness, experiencing a drastic weight loss, tingling or numbness, prone to infection, and many other complaints.

Ideally, diabetes management is done by taking anti-diabetic drugs. There are many types of anti-diabetes drugs, and the selection of the type should be consulted directly with a doctor or internist, because it must be adjusted to the severity of the disease as well as the general health condition of the patient. So, it is not enough to be determined only by online consultations like this huh ..

Saffron is an herb derived from Crocus sativus, which is widely used for flavoring, coloring, and food flavoring. Saffron is thought to contain a variety of antioxidants and vitamins and minerals, so it is good for warding off free radicals, launching metabolism, maintaining mental health, preventing the formation of cancer cells, preventing premature aging, improving memory and concentration, relieving inflammation, while also controlling cholesterol and sugar levels blood.

If you view the potential benefits above, it is good to use saffron by diabetics to prevent an increase in blood sugar. Even so, until now, there is still very limited research that has proven how big the benefits of saffron in controlling blood sugar. Also unclear whether this saffron can cause negative interactions with anti-diabetic drugs consumed by your mother.

Better, you first check with your mother to see a doctor or a doctor of internal medicine so that her condition can be treated properly. Besides giving her anti-diabetes medication from a doctor, so that her blood sugar is well controlled, we recommend that you accompany her to exercise every day, keep his weight so that it remains ideal, multiply give him vegetables and fruits, and do not over-feed him foods that contain excessive simple carbohydrates.

Hope this helps ...

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