Diabetes Gas Gangrene Wound?

Illustration of Diabetes Gas Gangrene Wound?
Illustration: Diabetes Gas Gangrene Wound? hospitalkhoj.com

In the afternoon, I want to ask if the gas gangrene wound can recur? Previously, my mother’s right leg had gas gangrene because my mother had diabetes, after more than 6 months of gangrene in my mother’s leg gnawing and almost to take amputation, now my mother’s leg has grown again but it is not intact and perfect as it was. And how to avoid it? Because the wound hasn’t fully healed yet it’s still wet until now .. Thank you

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Good morning, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Gangrene is a condition of death of cells or tissues in the body. Gangrene that spreads quickly and widely in a wound that is dirty due to a bacterial infection and emits an unpleasant gas or smell is called gas gangrene. The bacteria that usually cause this condition are Clostridium perfringens and streptococcus. Among the symptoms that sufferers of gas gangrene are increased pulse, fever, vomiting, air under the skin, swelling, pain, discharge of pus, and pale skin that turns gray, dark red, purple or even black.

As already mentioned, the cause of this condition is a bacterial infection, which usually occurs in those who have:

Damage to muscles Diabetes Vascular disease Intestinal cancer Open fracture Very deep and dirty wound

Handling of this condition must be done immediately because it is a serious condition. As soon as it is discovered that you have gangrene, the doctor will immediately inject high doses of antibiotics into the patient's body. The dead tissue will be removed through a surgical procedure. So it is true that the possibility of your mother being nearly amputated is true.

As for your question, because this is a bacterial infection, of course it can come back if the same bacteria infects your mother again. And this is indeed a problem that often arises for diabetics. To prevent recurrence, what you and your family can do is to prevent infection by keeping the environment and members of your mother's body clean.

In people with diabetes, nerve endings can develop so that they may not feel the tips of their fingers and toes anymore. So the next thing you can do is wear special sandals that are soft and fluffy on your mother so that when she walks, she doesn't unconsciously step on something sharp and stabs into her feet. Last but not least, avoid cigarette smoke, always control blood sugar levels regularly, take medication regularly, and maintain an ideal body weight with regular exercise, or at least consume healthy foods that have more servings of vegetables, wheat and fruit than fats and carbohydrates. We wish you and your family good health.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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