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Doc, my mother complained of foot pain, before she had a history of diabetes aged 57 years.

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Diabetes mellitus is a condition when the body is unable to regulate blood sugar levels properly, so the levels increase in the blood. What's dangerous about this condition is that it can cause various complications or damage in other parts.

Among the complications of diabetes is that it can affect vision and cause glaucoma, can lead to the kidneys and cause damage or kidney failure, can disrupt blood flow and cause injury that is difficult to dry, and can interfere with nerves to cause complaints of numbness and tingling.

Regarding your question, it is uncertain whether this pain is related to diabetes complaints or not. If related, then this can be part of a blood vessel disorder that causes interrupted blood flow and triggers pain. But it can also be a condition that is not related at all, such as arthritis, infection, gout, and so forth. Both of these conditions are possible, and are difficult to distinguish without direct examination.

Then to determine whether the diabetes has been severe or not, simply it is done by measuring blood sugar levels. The further the blood sugar level is from the normal limit, the more severe. In addition, the more complications, the more severe it can be said.

To find out how far blood sugar levels are from normal limits, and to find out whether there are many complications or none at all, routine control is needed. Routine control is done once a month, or depending on the internist who checks your mother. It must be understood that the control to an internal medicine doctor or to a GP is different from just a blood test in a laboratory independently. The difference is if you go to the doctor, there will be an analysis by a doctor taking into account your mother's clinical condition. Meanwhile, if only to the lab, or moreover, only do tests with their own equipment at home, you only get numbers. By checking with your doctor regularly once a month, your doctor can analyze the best lifestyle, diet, and change the medicine if it is sufficient, excessive, or lacking.

For questions about the healing process of diabetes, unfortunately diabetes is not considered a curable disease. This disease can only be controlled with routine medication, but nothing can really be cured. If you read articles, testimonies, or hear the experiences of other people who can recover from diabetes by doing or eating something, this has not been studied through research and it still cannot be widely applied.

Finally, for drugs that your mother can take in dealing with pain in the legs or other body parts, are any over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory drugs (labeled green or blue circle, not labeled red) by reading the rules of use listed. If taking this drug does not improve complaints, then you should immediately consult a doctor. So, hopefully answering your question.

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