Diabetes Is Accompanied By Complications?

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Good evening, I want to ask Michael, there are several symptoms that occur, including blurred vision, swollen hands and feet, trembling, shortness of breath, nausea, like a lot of water in the lungs, and difficulty defecating. From the symptoms I mentioned, is diabetes classified as a complication? If yes, what type or gravity complications (details) and are there any symptoms other than the above from the characteristics of diabetes that have complications? Then, do these symptoms indicate it has affected the kidneys? Thank …

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking to HealthReplies.com.
Diabetes is a condition in which high sugar levels in the blood due to interference from the work of hormones that regulate sugar levels, namely insulin. This could be related to lack of hormone production or disruption of the attachment of hormones to the workplace. To establish a diagnosis of diabetes itself must be seen from clinical symptoms and supporting examinations of blood sugar levels. Some things that usually become the basis for diagnosis are
1. Clinical symptoms such as easy hunger, easy thirst, and an increase in the frequency of BAK with sugar levels when more than 200 mg per dl
2. Examination of fasting sugar levels of more than 126 mg per dl
3. Examination of HBA1C more than 7.5
4. Examination of sugar levels 2 hours after eating more than 200 mg per dl
Some of these conditions can indicate a diagnosis of diabetes and usually you should consult your symptoms and laboratory results that you get by your doctor, especially your internist.
If diagnosed with diabetes, it is necessary to improve lifestyle, i.e.
1. Avoid foods that are sweet and should be greatly reduced, the sweetness that comes first comes from fruit
2. Increase physical activity
3. Sufficient fluid requirements

In some conditions treatment is needed that is taken by mouth or even by injection. This is with the aim that hunting does not occur because high sugar levels can damage various organs in the body as well
1. Peripheral nerve damage which is usually a symptom of weakness
2. Damage to the eye lining is called retinopathy which has symptoms in the form of blurred vision
3. Kidney damage is usually characterized by disorders for urinating and when examined can increase the content of substances in the urine

Regarding the condition you feel you should consult a doctor. And start living a healthy life.

Thus the information that we can convey may be useful thanks

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