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Doctor’s ass. Good morning, please ask to be able to keep my blood sugar below 200ml / dl, test while the doctor continues to give Metformin whether the drug is consumed continuously, is there no other way to normalize blood sugar. Thank you for your attention, doctor. Wass Sutiyono

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Diabetes is a medical condition characterized by increased blood sugar levels, which can be measured by blood tests. Diabetics can experience symptoms such as excessive thirst, excessive hunger, and increased frequency of urination. Diabetes has 2 types, a condition that can be caused by disruption of insulin production due to pancreatic beta cell damage or tissue and body resistance to insulin so that glucose in the blood cannot be properly utilized by tissues and body cells.

To make a diagnosis, it is necessary to consult a doctor related to physical examination, supporting examinations in the form of checking fasting blood sugar, blood sugar during, and can be considered examination of HbA1c levels. This parameter can help diagnose diabetes, after the results of the examination then the doctor can determine the treatment modality. Lifestyle changes, eating patterns become the basis for diabetes management and need to be considered all the time. Treatment with pharmacology can be considered with one type of oral medication, two types / combinations, or in combination with insulin injections.

It should be noted that the treatment regimen is followed in accordance with the doctor's instructions, the aim is to assess the treatment response, control blood sugar to prevent further complications. Avoid stopping medication on your own without a doctor's instruction if symptoms have improved or no symptoms appear during treatment.

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