Illustration of Diabetes
Illustration: Diabetes

Hello, my husband has been suffering from diabetes for a long time, but he was suffering from diabetes, weight loss, high blood sugar and high blood pressure, even though the injection of leg insulin often feels very painful palms, thighs, calves, what symptoms do the genital docks also hurt? it’s clear, doc

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Hello Shalwa,

Thank you for the question.

Diabetes occurs when the body is unable to produce or respond to the action of the hormone insulin, thereby making blood sugar levels rise. This condition, if not treated properly, can cause damage to the nerves (diabetic neuropathy) and blood vessels, making it easy to appear body aches, tingling, numbness, to erectile disorders. Not only that, uncontrolled diabetes can also have a negative effect on the health of the eyes, kidneys, brain, and other organ systems.

The condition of your husband, if it does not produce maximum results despite using insulin, should be checked back to the doctor or internist. Could be, the treatment that has been given needs to be adjusted again, modified the type, or maximized again with the addition of other therapies.

Not only that, so that his complaints improve, you also need to urge your husband to:

Adjust your diet, do not over-eat foods that are high in simple sugars and contain lots of bad fats, on the contrary, multiply to eat vegetables, grains, and fruits, drink also enough water
Regularly exercise and maintain ideal body weight
Improve personal hygiene
Warm compresses to the body that are often pins and needles
Manage stress wisely
Stop smoking, stay away from alcohol and drugs
Do not carelessly take any medicine or herbal medicine other than those given by the doctor

Hope this helps ...

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