Diagnosed With HIV After Giving Birth Normally?

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Good night. I am Saniya, 27 years old. At the beginning of the year I was positively pregnant and regularly checked for pregnancy. A series of treatments such as Lab and ultrasound have also been carried out during the check up at the Jogja midwife. The results from the Lab or Ultrasound are also good. At the age of 9 months in the womb, I moved to check the pregnancy in Central Java because of plans to give birth there. And when labor was normal yesterday, I immediately breastfeed my baby. Suddenly from the hospital bag. The VCT clinic came to me when I was HIV positive. I want to ask, 1. During the Lab at the midwife was there no virus detected like HIV? Because a series of Labs has been 2x during pregnancy. 2. What when I breastfeed my baby, what are the possibilities of getting infected? Since then my husband and I are still reluctant to continue further investigation about the matter. Because we still don’t believe in the doctor’s diagnosis. Thank you.

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Hi Saniya,

HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a virus that causes HIV / AIDS. This virus infection can not be detected immediately after an infection and sometimes requires a long time (depending on the facilities and modality of the examination) to provide definitive results.

Some health centers have made HIV screening as a basic program, however the same thing is generally not applied to the private practice of midwives or doctors, this is generally due to cost factors because of the lack of facilities and HIV testing tends to be expensive, especially the latest generation of examinations that are has good sensitivity and early detection.

Transmission of HIV itself can occur through the following:

Through sexual activity
Through blood transfusion or injection equipment that is not sterile
Through the process of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding

Based on the above, HIV transmission can indeed occur through breast milk. However, the risk of transmission can vary depending on the mother's HIV / AIDS status, duration of breastfeeding and treatment interventions.

I strongly recommend that you and your husband do counseling with a doctor who specializes in dealing with HIV so that you, your husband and your child get the appropriate treatment and ascertain whether you or your husband did have HIV. Because if it turns out you and your husband have HIV and left untreated it is feared that HIV will develop into AIDS and even worse the virus will mutate so that it will be much more difficult to treat.

Although HIV treatment has not been able to cure HIV, HIV treatment can make HIV patients live a normal life and be free from HIV symptoms for a long time.

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