Diagnosis Of Pulmonary Tuberculosis And Smear Examination Results?

Illustration of Diagnosis Of Pulmonary Tuberculosis And Smear Examination Results?
Illustration: Diagnosis Of Pulmonary Tuberculosis And Smear Examination Results? cmijournal.org

month 8 2018 I was hospitalized, due to sudden shortness of breath and abdominal bloating. At that time, there were rongent positive results for TB and pneumonia, but the sputum test was negative, as well as HIV testing in 109 days / 13 weeks more after gonorrhea. gastric acid and giving an accurate drug gerd.1. lab phlegm test what rongent of the results? 2.in the morning I often issue phlegm, and already 3 months this nose like a blocked nose not colds.3.in 12 2018 I went to Dr. melamine I am fine, but it is recommended that if you are worried about being tested for HIV test, are the results valid, where Dr. Melamine stated that it is okay. Please answerx

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Hello Didisagita,

Pulmonary tuberculosis is a disease caused by infection with the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Pulmonary tuberculosis usually gives symptoms of bloody cough, cough> 3 weeks old, weight loss, night sweats, shortness of breath, chest pain when breathing. Pulmonary tuberculosis is transmitted through cough droplets or sneezing. Pulmonary tuberculosis generally attacks people with weakened immune systems and / or close contact with positive tuberculosis sufferers.

The diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis can be divided into:

BTA positive / confirmed bacteriological lung tuberculosis. BTA examination results in sputum samples were positive
BTA negative pulmonary tuberculosis. BTA results are negative but the x-ray results show a picture of tuberculosis and based on clinical symptoms and the consideration of a specialist declared pulmonary tuberculosis

BTA positive sputum examination is specific for detecting tuberculosis. X-ray examination can provide a variety of images that often occur in tuberculosis, but a similar picture can also be caused by other diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis, etc. Therefore, if the x-ray picture is not so specific, it is necessary to consider a specialist doctor whether the diagnosis remains tuberculosis or treated as a non-specific lung infection. Treatment for pulmonary tuberculosis generally takes a minimum of 6 months. Treatment uses a combination of anti-tuberculosis (OAT) drugs. Treatment must be complete in order not to cause germ resistance and can break the chain of transmission.

HIV testing is recommended if you have carried out risky sexual behavior (exchanging partners, anal sex, etc.), users of exchange needles, have had unsafe blood transfusions. In HIV infection the term window period is known, which is the period when the body is still producing antibodies to the virus after infection, so that when tested for antibodies levels are still low and give false negative results. HIV testing is generally repeated 12 weeks later / 3 months to evaluate the results of whether it is really negative or a positive conversion has occurred (HIV infection has occurred). Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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