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I wanted to ask about Diane 35 pills about a month ago I checked menstrual disorders, then the obstetrician suggested that I take Diane 35 pills, the doctor said it was taken for 4 months non-stop, well after I read it turned out that after taking 21pil it was recommended to stop for 7 days, then continue again while I continue to drink until 5pil is new, what I ask is what should I do, my menstrual blood hasn’t come out yet, thank you

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Hello Receipt,

Birth control pills are generally used to prevent pregnancy. Other uses can also be used to correct irregular periods, or to correct other disorders caused by hormonal imbalances. Of course, your obstetrician has considered this matter so he asks you to take birth control pills in a row for 4 months. After you stop taking the medicine, it is hoped that your period will come.

You should still follow your obstetrician's advice to take the drug non-stop in order to get the desired effect. If you are in doubt, you can consult again even though it is not time for control.

Menstrual disorders have many causes, can be due to hormones, or other reproductive organ disorders such as PCOS, ovarian cysts, and so on. Your doctor prescribes therapy with hormone-containing drugs, indicating the possibility that menstrual irregularities are caused by reproductive hormone disorders.

Hormonal treatment often requires dose adjustment and lengthy therapy, because hormone levels in a woman's body are individual. Dosage adjustments and repeated examinations may also be required. So you should not forget to control according to the specified time. To help with treatment, you can adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating a healthy balanced diet, exercising regularly, controlling stress, not smoking and getting enough rest.

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