Diarrhea After Breakfast Accompanied By Vomiting?

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Well, yesterday I had 5 days of diarrhea, after that I went to the clinic, after taking medicine I felt better, then I woke up at 1 pm, and slept again, after waking up, at 6 I had diarrhea again, I took medicine and sleeping again after waking up with diarrhea again, I ate the porridge after it vomited, until now my stomach was still in pain

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Vomiting or in medical terms called acute gastoenteritis is an inflammatory condition of the gastrointestinal mucosa covering the stomach and intestines. Common symptoms include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Every time you have diarrhea, bowel movements can produce large volumes (from the small intestine) or small volumes (from the large intestine).

If diarrhea is accompanied by fever then infection is suspected. If diarrhea is preceded by eating or drinking from less hygienic sources, it can also be caused by infection. Gastrointestinal infections can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or protozoa. History of consumption of irritative foods, drinking herbs, diet cola, or eating certain drugs also need to be known.

Treatment of gastroenteritis in adults consists of replacement fluids (rehydration), administration of antibiotics upon certain indications, and education. Replace fluids lost when vomiting or diarrhea occur up to 2 liters per day to prevent dehydration.

Intestinal mucosa when inflammation takes time to be able to recover as usual. Provision of intestinal probiotics and in adults can accelerate the regeneration of the intestinal mucosa. Antidiarrheal drugs may be consumed in adults only if the diarrhea is runny without fever and bloody diarrhea. Antibiotic therapy is only given if a bacterial infection or protozoan is suspected and must be based on a doctor's prescription. To reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal tract it is better to consume foods that are easily digested such as mashed foods or porridge. If nausea eats a little but is often frequency

Carry out further consultation with your doctor so that adequate screening and treatment can be done.

It is best to start implementing clean living to prevent the recurrence of conditions like this. Keep

personal hygiene by using clean water or doing the habit of washing hands and also pay attention to food hygiene.

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