Diarrhea After Eating Half-cooked Eggs.?

Illustration of Diarrhea After Eating Half-cooked Eggs.?
Illustration: Diarrhea After Eating Half-cooked Eggs.? cfaes.osu.edu

Morning. I am 21 weeks pregnant. 4 days ago my sister and I ate instant noodles plus the eggs were half cooked. The half-naked egg that is eating my brother but melts quickly and stirs the rather raw egg. I slma 2 days like nausea. Diarrhea is 5x a day. Sometimes dizzy. How to overcome it how to do it? 😔 please answer. Thanks😔

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Hello Sri.

Consuming undercooked eggs can cause food intoxication due to salmonella bacterial infection. These bacteria can be found in half-cooked eggs. Salmonella bacterial infection can cause symptoms such as pain in the stomach, nausea, vomiting, loose bowel movements, weakness, until a fever occurs.

If you are currently 21 weeks pregnant, you should not take any medication. Food poisoning due to salmonella infection requires treatment using certain medications that the doctor will prescribe.

Temporarily avoid consuming immature food. Consumption of food by paying attention to food hygiene. Avoid green vegetables for a while. Drink enough water, and consumption of ORS every chapter. Consumption of nutritious foods that contain protein such as chicken, tofu, tempeh, beef.

But in addition to salmonella infection, the situation that you experience can also be caused by other causes such as:

acute gastroenteritis / GEA
Pregnant wine

Therefore, to determine the exact cause of the situation that you are experiencing, you should check yourself directly to the obstetrical specialist, so your doctor can examine your condition directly and provide the right therapy for you.

The following article you can read about the dangers of half-cooked eggs

may be useful. thank you

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