Diarrhea And Fever After Giving Birth

Illustration of Diarrhea And Fever After Giving Birth
Illustration: Diarrhea And Fever After Giving Birth

I want to ask the doc last Friday I just gave birth when I was pregnant. I have hemorrhoids and diarrhea after giving birth. Hemorrhoids are healed, but diarrhea is still added to the fever after a few days of giving birth, huh?

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There are complaints of fever that you feel after giving birth, where before delivery you also feel diarrhea until now, then the fever complaint that you feel may be triggered by the diarrhea condition that you are still experiencing until now. The presence of diarrhea that starts before labor or more than 4 days indicates the existence of an abnormal digestive process so that the food you consume is not digested and absorbed properly. This indigestion with all its implications until the risk of your body fluids decreases, can trigger complaints and appear to bother you more. This is also aggravated by your condition that has not recovered optimally after previous labor.

Therefore, for the time being, recovery of your digestion and restoration of fluid needs for your body is very much needed so that your physical condition and stamina improve soon, one of which complaints of fever will soon recover. Patients with protracted diarrhea will further reduce their body systems, especially after giving birth and are currently breastfeeding.

Indigestion with diarrhea can be triggered by various possible medical causes, such as stomach disorders, digestive infections, food allergies or food intolerance.

Apart from indigestion, the fever that follows after childbirth can also be triggered by:

Remaining placenta in the womb
Infection of the uterus after childbirth
Infections in labor injuries
Sore throat
Typhus infection

Because various medical conditions can indeed cause complaints that you feel, both due to indigestion to complications of childbirth, then all of these should be confirmed by your obstetrician. Without a direct examination from your doctor, the cause of this complaint is difficult to ascertain and know.

Visit your obstetrician even though it is not yet time for control, especially if the drugs given are still there but the fever complaints have not improved. The doctor will evaluate the possible causes of this complaint. Physical examination, ultrasound examination and support can also be done to find out the main cause of this complaint. The results of the examination will be a reference for doctors in providing care and treatment.

For now, you also need to pay attention to some things, such as:

Hidanri sleeps late at night, restoring your stamina with enough sleep
Avoid over-activity until your condition recovers
Avoid spicy foods, packaged instant foods, and foods with strong herbs or soft drinks
Inadequate water and nutritious food
Treat delivery injuries as directed by your doctor

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