Diarrhea Sufferers Do Co-19 Examination Without Fever

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Afternoon, my name is Venia, 25 years old. Today I will check co-19 at one of the hospitals appointed for co-19 handlers. Because I had no direct contact with patients who were stated positive and did not travel abroad I was directed to the MCU (lung X-ray u0026amp; blood check). I go to the office every day or go everywhere always take TJ, so I don’t know whether I have contact or close contact with people who have been stated positive co-19. My symptoms were the same as co-19 symptoms, only I had diarrhea not a high fever, my body temperature was 36.5. My question is whether the results of lung X-rays and blood checks can be concrete without any test of saliva as an explanation of how to check covid-19 in the Hello doctor I read? Thank you and please help🙏

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The presence of diarrhea complaints that you feel now and do not feel a fever, the possibility of complaints that you feel is a digestive disorder that can be caused by digestive infections due to contamination of pathogenic microorganisms into the food you consume. This condition can be caused by the consumption of food that is processed, stored or served in a manner that is not hygiene or hygiene and food safety is not well maintained, or because you do not wash your hands before eating, so that dirty or unclean hands contaminate the food you consume. Therefore, the initial step of recovery that you must take is to immediately consult your family doctor for treatment as early as possible to prevent the risk of stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, appetite disorders and dehydration and decreased physical stamina.

Some medical conditions can also trigger diarrhea complaints, such as:

Stomach upset
Food allergies
Food intolerance
Food absorption disorders

Therefore, this may not be related to Corona's disease.

For the question of Corona infection risk examination, every diagnosis of Corona infection must be carried out through a clinical examination procedure, starting from finding symptoms that lead to corona infection, physical examination, then supporting examination of Corona infection laboratory if the results of interviews and examinations show indications of Corona infection. So that not all patients with complaints of cough, or complaints of fever get a Corona infection investigation.

The first evaluation step is to make sure your symptoms of Corona are natural or not, some of the symptoms of corona virus infection and risk factors that might increase the signs of Corona infection are:

Fever to more than 38 degrees celsius
There are no other causes that support the pain that is felt at this time
14 days direct contact with corona positive patients or patients under Corona surveillance
A history of traveling within 14 days from abroad or to areas in Indonesia where the area is at risk of spreading Corona infection

You can do a self-check by filling in the data at the following link to indicate the possibility of Corona infection.

Next your doctor will do a physical examination to make sure there is a risk of clinical signs of Corona infection. If the doctor does not find clinical signs that support the risk of Corona infection, the doctor will conduct an evaluation and observation until you recover. Further tests such as radiology and blood tests can also provide information on the presence of infections in the body and respiratory tract. However, if the doctor finds indications of a corona virus infection, it is necessary to carry out further tests to make sure you are positive of corona or negative corona. Thus, diagnostic steps and procedures can work well and you can then be handled according to the indications.

Thus, the recommendation for a doctor's examination and radiology and blood tests can be an initial screening examination for the risk of Corona virus infection or respiratory and lung infections. So, even though you often make contact every day on the way with other people, where you do not know whether he is infected or not, then all you can do is make an effort:

Heal as soon as possible complaints of diarrhea, so that your stamina and endurance increases
Doing social distancing as much as possible
If you have a fever, do a periodic evaluation and visit to your doctor again, and do self distancing
Wash your hands regularly before and after activities
Keep your clothes and skin clean
Avoid sleeping late
Hidnari is physically exhausted
Use a mask if needed

With a good immune system and immune system, the risk of infection can be minimized.

Thus the info we can convey.

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