Diarrhea With Abdominal Pain In Children Aged 6 Years

Illustration of Diarrhea With Abdominal Pain In Children Aged 6 Years
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my child is 6 years old from this morning he defecated but not too often there was distance from the first chapter a few minutes then he complained that his stomach hurts what good medicine huh

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At the age of 6 years, the normal bowel pattern of children is already similar to adults, that is no more than 3 times a day, but also not less than 2 times a week. If your child defecates more often, accompanied by a painful stomach, this condition may indicate that the digestive tract is disturbed, for example due to infection, food allergies, carbohydrate malabsorption, poisoning, inflammation of the intestine, benign or malignant tumors, and so on. It could also be, diarrhea and abdominal pain experienced by your child caused by infection in other organ systems, liver disorders, disorders of the bladder or bile duct, metabolic disorders, stress or excessive anxiety, and so on.

If the diarrhea does not occur too massive (more than 10 times a day), and if you experience mild abdominal pain, you should not panic. Do not rush to see your child to the doctor, and also do not rush to give medicine. Safer, you do the following natural treatments first:

 Warm compresses on a child's stomach that hurts, don't be carelessly sorted Let the child get plenty of rest Give the child plenty to drink Give him also food that is easy to digest, does not contain too much gas, fat, especially spicy Keep the child from food or drinks that make him allergic, indiscriminate snacks, especially food that is not processed properly and perfectly cooked By staying at home while doing the above trick, in addition to your child's illness can heal faster, the risk of contracting dangerous diseases (including COVID-19) will be minimal.

However, if the complaint becomes even more severe, or if your child seems unable to urinate, massive vomiting, high fever, hard stomach, weakness, and other complaints appear more severe, immediately check with him directly to the doctor or pediatrician so that handled properly according to the cause of the disease huh ..

I hope this helps.

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