Diarrhea With Flatulence.?

Illustration of Diarrhea With Flatulence.?
Illustration: Diarrhea With Flatulence.? creativemeddoses.com

I in a few weeks this chapter I runny like diarrhea but not often only 2-3 times a day my stomach like bloating when beaten like full but do not feel like throwing wind, I eat normal but I am indeed coughing, that’s why what’s the solution?

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Hello Shilla, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Defecation, but not often, flatulence can be caused by several factors. to get the right treatment we need to know the cause of the complaint. some of your other possibilities:


GERD, or stomach acid disease
Irritable bowel syndrome

for the time being you can do include:

avoid spicy, sour, oily foods
avoid drinks containing caffeine, coffee, tea
a little mechanic but often, 4-6x a day
avoid foods that contain gas
consume a lot of water
managing stress
get enough sleep and rest

If your complaint does not improve, you should check with your specialist in internal medicine to get further examination and treatment that is right for you.

So much information from me, hopefully it helps.

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