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Hello,. I want to ask. Yesterday my throat hurt, I felt like a fever. Then, I took medicine and my fever subsided. However, I experienced dizziness just to the right. The beat can be up to 5 times and it hurts. After beating 5 times, he will disappear and come back until I can’t move because my head will hurt. Until the next day it disappears and turns to come but it starts to decrease. Then, I had diarrhea suddenly when I didn’t eat strange food before. My diarrhea has continued for 3 days to this day. My body was very weak, and before going to the toilet, I could go up and down 5 times. Day 3 has been reduced, it’s just limp once added to the legs of the heel cramps, feeling behind the back of the knee aches as well. Actually why is it like this ,?

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diarrhea is a condition when a person has a bowel movement (BAB) more often than usual. In addition, the stool with diarrhea is thinner than usual. Things to watch out for, although diarrhea can be brief, it can also last for several days. In fact, in some cases it can occur for weeks.

There are several causes of diarrhea among them:

 Food intolerance, such as lactose and fructose. Food allergies.

 Side effects of certain drugs.

 Bacterial, viral, or parasitic infections.

 Bowel disease.

 Inflammation of the digestive tract, as in Crohn's disease, ulcerative olitis, or microscopic olitis.

 Irritable bowel syndrome.

 Celiac disease or disease that causes the body to reject gluten protein.

  You should not let this go even if it's just diarrhea, and your fever has gone down, it's usually caused by infection if you have a fever or it could be because of the effects of the medication you took earlier, feared from diarrhea is the loss of fluids that can cause shock and danger, fluid is lost due to diarrhea. I recommend that you immediately consult a doctor about the cause of your pain, so that the cause can be overcome and overcome the signs of dehydration (such as weakness, sunken eyes, little urine, cold feet) immediately.

there are a few tips that you do:

 consume plenty of fluids such as water, eat a little, but often meaning that is nutritious and healthy, do hand washing before and after consumption, cooked thoroughly, avoid using over-the-counter drugs without a doctor's prescription, so the info I can give

hopefully can help you

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