Did Color Blindness Appear From Infancy?

Hello DokDok, I would like to ask whether color blindness appears as an adult or as a baby because in my opinion I used to recognize colors well but when I tested the color I could not see some basic colors in the test?

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Hi Daffa, thanks for asking HealthReplies.com.

Color blindness is a genetic disorder inherited from birth. The cause is a disruption of pigment in color vision receptors. If one of the pigments disappears, it will appear seeing a certain color. Color blindness is a lifelong disease, but in general sufferers can adapt to their conditions. The symptoms felt by the patient will differ depending on which pigment is damaged or does not function.

Color blinds consist of several types, namely partial butawarna which are different types, namely protanopia, protanomaly, deuteranomaly, deuteranopia, tritanipopia or tyranomaly depending on the difficulty of seeing certain colors. To determine what type of color blindness you are experiencing, you should have a color blind test.

What you experience may be only partial color blindness, where you only have difficulty distinguishing several colors. Sometimes if the color on an object has 1 basic color it will be easy to identify, but if a color blind test is done, the results obtained are different, people with partial color blindness will have difficulty determining bembawa letters listed on the card because the colors are mixed between one color with another color.

If you experience problems in recognizing color, I suggest that you consult an ophthalmologist to do a color blind test. Even though there are limitations, you don't need to worry, many people who are color blind can do activities with the normal dissertation adjustments to activities that require color matching.

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