Did I Get Covid-19

hello doc my name is jejet I am 31 years old almost 2 weeks this time I experience symptoms of body weakness body aches and tingling last 5 days I check with the doctor he said I suffer from stomach acid and laryngitis but until today it hasn’t healed yet

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Hello Zezet, thank you for consulting us on the HealthReplies.com web.

At the moment the covid-19 infection is being discussed hotly because it spreads relatively quickly throughout the world, and is considered a plague that has been experienced in almost all countries. As we all understand that the covid-19 virus attacks the respiratory system, which can cause respiratory problems such as acute pneumonia to complications of death.

In many of the cases found, covid-19 infection causes symptoms of mild respiratory disorders such as flu, and even severe respiratory infections such as pneumonia. So that the general symptoms that indicate a person infected with covid-19 are fever (an increase in body temperature above 38 degrees Celsius), coughing and shortness of breath. And to be sure of course is to do tests such as blood sample tests, chest Rongten and specific tests that are sputum swab tests that are produced in the throat and nose. However, based on research 98% of covid-19 infections can heal themselves like influenza disease in general, so that if the symptoms appear only mild, it is highly recommended for independent isolation at home, and eating nutritious food and adequate rest. The point is to improve the body's immunity so that the body can fight infections that enter the body itself. By itself the disease will disappear and heal. But if the symptoms are getting worse, it is strongly recommended to contact a health worker or contact the service 119 ext.9.

The symptoms that you are experiencing right now can indeed lead to acid reflux disease, but if you do have a history of traveling to endemic places or contact with patients who are positive covid-19 then you can consult the health officer where you live or call a service from the government 119 ext .9. You can also do an independent check or analysis on our website here. First you need to understand is do not panic and worry, even though there have been many news that convey many victims of this disease, but the evidence of this disease will heal by itself as long as our body's immunity is in good condition. And the next thing is you need to do this temporary social distancing until conditions improve, because anyone can make it possible to be a source of transmission for others especially people with low immunity such as pregnant women, children, and the elderly. Also keep your body clean and the environment and do not forget to wash your hands often because covid-19 transmission can be through contact or droplets that are touched on the skin and enter the body when handling the face, nose, mouth or eyes.

Take care of your health condition, don't stress and panic, consume nutritious food, get enough rest, multiply your consumption of water and also reduce fatty and oily foods. These are some tips for us so that your condition can recover soon. So that we can convey, hopefully help.

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