Did I Miscarry Again In The Early Trimester This Time?

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Hello, I’m dwi. 3 weeks ago after I tried mens and then I tried promil, while last week after I tried again and again I tested it negatively and last Thursday I released a lot of volume up until now, can I be pregnant? Or another miscarriage sign? because all the signs of pregnancy I experienced. The problem is that 2 months ago I had a miscarriage in the early trimester also because I didn’t know. thank you

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First of all, it's a good idea to write down exactly when you had your last menstrual period, what is the exact distance between your menstrual cycles, exactly when you have sexual relations, and when exactly you have a pregnancy check.

If from your story, you experienced the last menstruation 3 weeks ago, during your fertile period of sexual intercourse (if your cycle occurs every 28 days, meaning your fertility period occurred about 1 week ago), and last week (meaning time which is more or less the same as your fertile period), you immediately do a pregnancy test with a test pack and the results are negative, then a few days ago you experienced a discharge of blood. If it is true that the timeline is so, then it cannot be concluded whether you are pregnant or miscarriages or spots occur because of other things.

Basically a pregnancy check with a new test pack will be able to detect pregnancy after the beta hCG levels in the urine are high enough. This will usually only occur approximately 2 weeks after intercourse that results in pregnancy (in the range you should have menstruation in the following month). If you do a pregnancy check immediately after intercourse, then chances are that the result will still be negative even if the pregnancy actually happened. Symptoms of pregnancy also usually only appear in the range of the 6th week of pregnancy (counted from the first day of last menstruation). Therefore, to determine whether you are pregnant or not, you should do a pregnancy check again if you have experienced menstrual delays. The following are articles that you can read about how to do a pregnancy test with a good and correct test pack so that you can get more accurate examination results.

Regarding the spots you have experienced, if indeed the spots occur more or less a week after sexual intercourse in your fertile period, then there is still the possibility of these spots occur because of implantation bleeding or bleeding that occurs when the fetus attaches to the uterus. Spots that occur between the menstrual cycles can also be caused by other things such as:

ovulation bleeding (bleeding that occurs when an egg is released from the ovary)
post-sexual bleeding (for example due to injury to the vagina)
early signs of miscarriage or miscarriage
Other pregnancy complications such as empty pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, or grape pregnancy
infection and inflammation of the reproductive tract
polyps on the cervix
tumor / cancer in the reproductive tract

For the time being you should be patient first and observe further bleeding from your vagina. If the spots you experience are just a little, can stop by yourself, finished in 1-2 days, chances are there is nothing you need to worry about. Wait until you experience menstrual delays and do a pregnancy check and see if you really are pregnant or not. If you are pregnant, and spots still occur, immediately check with your obstetrician. If the spots do not occur again, you can wait until your pregnancy is over 6 weeks to do an obstetrician's check-up (at less than 6 weeks, there isn't much to check and you may be asked to come back a few weeks later). From now on (since you are planning a pregnancy) you are advised to consume folic acid to prevent birth defects in the baby if you become pregnant later.

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