Didn’t Get Your Period, But Iud Still Attached?

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Hello, I’m 25 years old. I already have a 5-year-old son, before when my child was 1 year old, I conceded but Iud still attached. I decided to curette. I went back to use iud, 3 years ago menstruation went smoothly, only this month I did not get my period. Last menstruation on February 11, until now there was no sign, I tested negative results, and sometimes nausea, but in the afternoon, for the morning “rarely, and sometimes stomach cramps had a week ago, there was no sign as well. I wonder what caused it? thank you

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Hello Ayu,

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Need to be clarified, what kind of IUD are you currently using?

There are 2 types of IUDs, those that contain hormones and those that do not contain hormones (copper IUDs). If you are using an IUD that contains hormones, often, no menstrual menstruation as you are experiencing right now is not a dangerous condition. This is natural because of the influence of the IUD which makes the balance of reproductive hormones in your body modified, so that the impact, menstrual cycles become irregular. Although it can also be caused by pregnancy, it seems likely that this pregnancy is very small if you have used the IUD correctly and also control its use regularly to the doctor or obstetrician every 6 to 12 months.

However, if you are using a copper IUD, often, menstruation will continue to run smoothly as usual. The delay of menstruation in a short duration (not more than 3 months) can be a natural thing because of the influence of stress, fatigue, changes in body weight that is quite drastic, or also because of certain diseases, such as ovarian cysts, hyperthyroidism, and other chronic diseases . However, it could also, this menstrual delay occurs due to pregnancy. Using an IUD does not necessarily guarantee 100% of a woman will not get pregnant. Because, there is the possibility of an IUD experiencing an unwitting expulsion, so that its ability to protect you from pregnancy will be reduced. The possibility of pregnancy will also be higher if the IUD that you are using has expired.

It is better if your complaint is clearly the cause, consult yourself directly to the doctor or obstetrician. By examining your condition directly, assisted with several supporting tests, for example a urine test, blood test, or ultrasound, doctors often can already find out the cause of your menstrual delay.

In the meantime, so that your menstruation runs more smoothly, you should not worry or worry too much beforehand ... Change your lifestyle to be more healthy, including getting up and sleeping regularly every day, calm your heart and mind from excessive stress, increase eat fruits and vegetables, maintain an ideal body weight, and exercise regularly every day. In order to reduce nausea, eat small portions but often, do not over-eat foods that are too acidic, spicy, and oily. Also avoid indiscriminate taking drugs, including menstrual smoothing drugs without direct advice from a doctor.

Hope this helps ...

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