Diet Program That Never Works?

Illustration of Diet Program That Never Works?
Illustration: Diet Program That Never Works?

Good night. Let me introduce myself to Soleha, I’m only 19 years old with a height of 150cm and a weight of 65kg. I have tried various diet programs and various diet drugs to achieve the diet that I want. But the results were even nonexistent. Even though I rarely eat rice, I really like eating instant noodles. Even when on a diet program, I don’t eat rice, don’t eat breakfast or lunch. Most only eat noodles once in the hours after lunch. I also have a bad habit anyway, I like to sleep in the morning because maybe my work hours are irregular so that my sleep hours are messy. I want to ask, why doesn’t my weight go down even more, even though I eat rarely, keep exercising. Thank you for reading. I hope the doctor’s response, because it’s valuable to me

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Hello Soleha,

Thank you for asking

Being overweight is not always related to eating habits a lot. Eat a little, if you do not pay attention to the number of calories in your food and drinks, do not exercise regularly, lazy physical activity, excessive sleep, or consume lots of unhealthy snacks, can still make you gain weight. Your habit of consuming excessive instant noodles, in addition to causing excess weight, also risks making your nutritional intake unbalanced, and you are also more at risk of experiencing malignancy due to the preservative content in it. Several types of diseases (for example hypothyroidism, Cushing's syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, congestive heart failure) and certain types of drugs (for example antidepressants, anti-seizures, anti-diabetes, anti-psychotics, steroids, and beta blockers) are also at risk of causing weight gain.

To find out the exact cause of your excess weight, you can first check with your doctor or a nutritionist. A series of examinations can be done by a doctor so that they can provide you with the best management. The initial handling steps that you should take to get the ideal body weight are:

Target a realistic, gradual, but consistent weight loss (ideally, for a person with a height of 150 cm, ranging from 41.6 to 51.5 kg)
Cultivate a healthy diet, namely:

Limit (if necessary, avoid) eating and drinking habits that are instant
Increase consumption of vegetables, fruit, and whole grains
Eat also variations of other nutritious foods, but with adequate portions, not excessive
Eat small portions, but regularly 2-3 times a day
In between meals, if hungry, eat healthy snacks, for example juice, cut fruit
Do not over-eat sweet foods, high in cholesterol, high in saturated fats and trans fats, preserved, and contain excessive flavorings or flavorings.
Do not consume alcohol

Drink enough so that the bowel movement smoothly
Be active in moving and exercising every day (at least 30 minutes per session), for example weight lifting, swimming, jumping rope, gymnastics
Manage stress wisely
Sleep more regularly, not too much
Get used to also schedule your daily activities regularly
Do not carelessly consume supplements or weight loss drugs without doctor's advice
Stay away from cigarettes and drugs

Hope this helps ...

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