Difference And Cure Of Meningitis And Meningoencephalitis?

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I want to ask the difference between meningitis and meningoensefility suggestive between the two, which one is more severe and can it be cured for meningoensfficiency

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Meningitis is an inflammatory disease of the lining of the brain, where the source of inflammation is in the membrane covering a person's brain. Usually caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, amoeba or other parasites. Meanwhile meningoencephalitis is an inflammatory disease of the brain and lining of the brain simultaneously.

Both are equally dangerous in terms of the type of infection, the patient's physical condition (strength / stamina), the speed of therapy given and the presence or absence of other complications.

This disease can be cured if handled appropriately and quickly.

Meningitis and encephalitis or both (meningoencephalitis) are diseases that require prompt and immediate action, medical examinations such as blood tests, lumbar puncture (brain fluid analysis), and other tests such as CT SCAN / MRI can determine the type of cause and severity of the patient's condition. With these tests the doctor can also determine the best treatment to treat the condition.

Meningitis that is caused by viruses and is mild in nature can generally get better on its own if the immune system is very strong for 1-2 weeks while moderate to severe ones require therapy in the hospital, while meningitis caused by bacteria will require treatment with antibiotics in the hospital.

Therefore, consult your doctor as soon as possible, handle it well, keep the patient's stamina condition so that they can receive good treatment and consult a doctor about the patient's general condition.

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