Difference Between Antiviral And Vaccine?

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Doctor, I want to ask the antiviral drug and the vaccine are the same or different?

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The term vaccine and antiviral drug, are 2 different terms, both of which are given at different times. Some of the differences between the two are:


 The definition of a vaccine is a medical product that is given by injection, mouth / oral, or spray with the aim of producing immunity against certain diseases (such as the hepatitis B virus vaccine, so it is used for vaccination to prevent hepatitis B virus infection). The purpose of giving the vaccine is to establish immunity against the disease caused by viruses or bacteria. So the vaccine can be aimed at prevention for both those caused by viruses or germs, such as vaccines for the prevention of panyakit caused by germs is the BCG vaccine for TB infection; Measles vaccine for prevention of infections due to Measles virus The way it works is by establishing an immune system that can protect the body from certain diseases for years, such as the Hepatitis B vaccine, protection against hepatitis B infection can be up to more than 15 years, and requires re-evaluation of antibodies to ensure the need for additional vaccination of hapatitis B or not The type of vaccine available can be a vaccine from dead, weakened / living microorganisms, toxoid vaccines, and biosynthetic types Vaccines given to healthy humans

Anti Virus:

 The definition of antiviral is drugs that are given to patients who are sick and are caused by a viral infection. Thus, patients infected with the virus can only be treated with antiviral drugs. Antibiotic drugs cannot treat patients with viral infections, such as for example amoxillin can not treat hepatitis B infection. The purpose of giving antiviral is the treatment of patients who have been infected with the virus. As in patients with HIV, antiviral treatment with ARVs can be given. The way antiviral drugs work can be grouped against several targets of treatment of DNA polymerase inhibitors, RNA inhibitors, NNRTIs, NRTIs, protease inhibitors, direct acting types of antiviral drugs depending on the virus causing it, so that drugs that have been formally recognized for their effectiveness can be used in patients with infections certain viruses Antiviral drugs are given to patients who are confirmed to be infected or are sick. A few brief things above provide little information regarding the differences between the two. And not all diseases caused by bacteria or viruses have specific vaccines and antivirals. Thus, preventing infection and maintaining stamina and endurance are concrete steps in preventing the risk of mild infections to infections that are harmful to human health.

Some disease prevention efforts are:

 Maintain cleanliness and personal hygiene Perform healthy lifestyle habits Perform healthy eating habits Avoid sleep late at night Do regular exercise If you feel you have a disturbing health complaint, or want to make prevention of an illness, then you can make a visit and consult a family doctor You. Your doctor will provide information and recommendations relating to health problems that you might encounter.

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