Difference Between Anxiety Disorder And Introvert?

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Hello good evening I want a consultation about myself. I am indeed quite an introverted person and I am only comfortable with friends who are already familiar with me and quite awkward when meeting new friends because I feel inferior. I am also a person who rarely talks to people because it is like awkward and embarrassed or maybe afraid if I don’t respond to my greetings, I also feel that when people look at me like hate and dislike my existence, from siru I always think about people’s attitudes that and what is wrong with me. Because I’m curious I try searching2 on the internet and I try to click about the signs of anxiety disorders I feel those signs are in me but I don’t want to say if I am indeed affected by the disorder, and I try a psychologist’s test on the internet and lead there. But I’m also not sure if there really is interference. I try to tell parents, but their response is evasive, so if I’m being lied to by the internet, if I don’t find out from the internet, I don’t know who to talk to. I don’t think anyone understands me like this … according to the doctor whether I really have a disturbance or just an introvert. Because I myself am also quite confused with myself Thank you in advance ..

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Hello, thank you for the question to HealthReplies.com

If you do feel that your symptoms are causing significant disturbances in your life (for example, making you disrupted in your work or school, you become unable to socialize or establish good relationships with others), and when viewed from symptoms The symptoms you mentioned, the possibility that you have more leads to personality disorders than anxiety disorders. There are various types of personality disorders, but the possibility of personality disorder that you have more leads to avoidant personality disorder. Some characteristics of people who have avoidance of personality disorders include:

Often feel inferior, inferior, not good enough in everything, not attractive, etc.
Very sensitive to criticism and rejection
Very afraid or anxious about rejection, disagreement or disagreement with others, and afraid of being ridiculed and humiliated
Tend to avoid activities that require interpersonal contact
Often feel shy and isolated
Reluctant to meet strangers
Excessive shame in certain social situations and also in personal relationships

If indeed you feel the symptoms that you have are disturbing you in carrying out your life functions (including also hampering your career), you should do a check up with a psychiatrist so that it can be further evaluated and also carried out therapy to overcome these personality disorders.

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