Difference Between Bladder Infection Or Pelvic Inflammation?

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Hello … I was sentenced for bladder disease, but in medical terms it is called PID. After I read about PID, it turns out that PID is a sexually transmitted infection. And before I had an ectopic pregnancy, I was really confused, did I have a bladder infection or pelvic inflammation?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. We understand your confusion. The condition you are experiencing does require some clarification so that it can be more easily understood. Starting with bladder pain, bladder pain is not a diagnosis, but a symptom. Symptoms are pain in the bladder area. But the disease can vary, can urinary tract infections, ovarian cysts can, urinary tract stones, can be endometriosis, can also pelvic inflammation (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease / PID).

Speaking of PID, PID is a disease of the female reproductive organs such as the ovary / ovary, cervix / cervix, uterus / uterus, and the connecting channel between the uterus and ovaries called the fallopian tubes. One of the causes of this condition is the same bacteria as bacteria that exist in sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhea and chlamydia. But PID is not the same as sexually transmitted infections, and PID is not always caused or preceded by sexually transmitted diseases.

So what we want to convey, with symptoms of pain in the bladder, you experience can be both, both urinary tract infections and pelvic inflammation. As for your doctor mentioning both, it could be because there is an error in communication, or both are still in the form of possibilities, which means your doctor tries to observe first which of the two characteristics of the condition of the disease which later will arise stronger.

So as a patient, what you really need to do now is to take your medication regularly as directed, and if the medication runs out but the condition does not improve or instead worsens, return to the same doctor for further control and evaluation. Later it will be determined whether your diagnosis will be fixed or change, and whether the treatment will be fixed, added, stopped, or changed. At the next meeting, you can also ask this and ask for your diagnosis from your doctor. Because until now, because both conditions are possible and we don't have you examined immediately, we cannot correct the diagnosis made for you, and it is your doctor who understands your condition best.

In addition, no need to worry, compress the stomach with warm compresses, multiply the consumption of warm water, avoid sexual intercourse first, take a shower or soak in warm water, and consult a doctor immediately. So, hopefully answering your question.

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