Difference Between Lupus And HIV?

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I want to ask, as it is well known that lupus u0026amp; HIV is the same disease that attacks the immune system, and the symptoms can be practically similar, but what’s the difference between these two diseases? r n r nThanks

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Hello, Natalia Briliani. Thank you for your question to HealthReplies.com.

Wow, it's good for you to find out more about these diseases. It needs to be distinguished between diseases caused by the body's immune system that attack ourselves (autoimmune diseases) and diseases caused by infections that attack the immune system. These two things are the difference between lupus disease and HIV disease. Let's discuss them one by one.

Lupus is an example of an autoimmune disease. In people with lupus, the immune system in the body that actually functions to fight foreign bacteria / viruses that enter, 'wrong' and recognize cells in our body that are normal as the enemy. Therefore, the cells in our body will be attacked by the immune system, and inflammatory reactions appear throughout our body (can be to the skin, kidneys, heart, brain, etc.). Because it can affect almost all organ systems in our body, the symptoms that arise can be very diverse, resembling other diseases, so that lupus is also called 'a thousand face disease'. The exact cause of this disease is still unknown. Symptoms and signs that can be experienced due to lupus disease for example:

thrush recurs
hair loss
dry eyes
persistent fever
headache or dizziness
pain in the joints
easily tired
the most characteristic sign is a red rash on the bridge of the nose to the cheeks (like a butterfly), which is called a butterfly rash or malar rash.
and much more.

Because the disease is caused by the body's immune system being 'too strong' and misidentifying the enemy, the goal of the treatment is to control the immune system.

This disease is different from HIV / AIDS. Keep in mind, HIV is the name of the virus, which is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. While the disease caused by this virus is called AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). The difference with lupus, in lupus, is our body's immune system that attacks ourselves, right? In HIV infection, this virus attacks the body's immune system and causes the immune system to decrease and the body's immunity to become weak. So if you get in other bacteria / viruses, the body will be difficult to fight the bacteria / virus and be easily exposed to other infectious diseases, such as fungal infections, tuberculosis infections, and so forth. The cause of AIDS is clear, namely due to HIV infection. HIV itself is not easily transmitted, because there are special pathways for transmission, namely through body fluids (eg blood through blood transfusions / use of syringes alternately / from the mother directly to the fetus during pregnancy, through risky sexual relations, namely through sperm or vaginal fluid, and from breast milk). Shaking hands, chatting, getting close, or touching an AIDS sufferer will not transmit the virus to your body. Symptoms of AIDS are very diverse, depending on how far the disease course. Example:

prolonged fever
a lot of canker sores appear in the mouth
fungal infections of the tongue or other parts of the mouth
prolonged diarrhea
weight loss for no apparent reason
long cough> 2 weeks
and much more.

A person can be suspected of contracting AIDS by looking at those risk-free habits / lifestyles such as injecting drug users or illegal drugs, having had risky sexual relations (changing partners or partners who have free sex), and others. Treatment for HIV / AIDS itself is now available, but the treatment works by blocking / slowing the development of the virus, not a complete and direct cure.

That's all the explanation about the two diseases Hope this helps and is useful. Don't hesitate to ask again at HealthReplies.com if you still have questions / curiosity.

Greetings healthy,

dr. Sheryl Serelia.

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