Difference Between Tuberculosis And Wet Lung?

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, I have complaints of tightness. I went to the general practitioner and was told to check into the lab for X-rays and the results were a pleural effusion effusion and no spots. Then I was required to see a pulmonary doctor and have an ultrasound and check phlegm. The results are the same as Pleural Effusion and sputum checks for negative TBA. then I went to the pulmonary doctor again to suck the fluid in the right lung. Well the doctor said I had a lung “wet. But the medicine given, the TB drug. Is the TB medicine with the lung” wet the same?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Wet lung is actually a term that has quite a variety of meanings. Some consider the condition of wet lungs when there is fluid that stagnates in the lining of the lungs or also called pleural effusion, some assume when it is wet in the tissue or pulmonary edema, and some say that the wet lung is a certain disease that called pneumonia.

If your lung doctor refers to pneumonia, pneumonia, of course it's different from tuberculosis and the treatment is not the same, because pneumonia can also cause bacteria, viruses, fungi or microplasm, while tuberculosis is definitely caused by bacteria, precisely Mycobacterium tuberculosis. But if what is meant is pleural effusion, then tuberculosis could be the cause. And if so, it is natural to give drugs for tuberculosis. It is said to be possible, because pleural effusion has many causes besides tuberculosis, namely pneumonia itself, pulmonary embolism, cirrhosis, kidney disease, and heart failure.

Therefore to avoid further confusion and misunderstanding, we suggest you should ask the doctor who treats you directly. Clarify the medication given and ask everything you are worried about. Our position here can only guess the reasons and possibilities of your condition. We cannot correct whether what your doctor has done is correct or not because we did not check you. So once again if you are in doubt, you should confirm immediately.

Meanwhile, for drugs that you suspect are TB drugs, if you haven't had time to take them, if you're still not sure, it's okay if you don't take them. Because if it's consumed, you have to spend it. What you can take now are medications other than antibiotics, such as cough medicines, sputum thinners, vitamins or the like given by your doctor. So, hopefully answering your question.

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