Difference Between Uterine Myoma And Adenomyosis?

Illustration of Difference Between Uterine Myoma And Adenomyosis?
Illustration: Difference Between Uterine Myoma And Adenomyosis? innovativegyn.com

want to ask, what’s the difference between uterine mioa and adenomyosis? please explain. thank you

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Myoma uteri is a benign lump of tumor that grows in the uterus which is derived from the myometrial lining. The myometrium layer is the middle part of the uterus, the inside of the uterus is the endometrium, while the outside of the uterus is the perimetrium.

The main difference between myoma and adenomyosis is the origin of its growth. If the uterine myoma originates from the myometrial muscle layer, adenimiosis comes from the endometrial layer that grows in the uterine muscle. Normally the endometrium only covers the surface of the uterine cavity.

The cause of myoma and adenomyosis can not be ascertained, but may be related to hormonal changes, pregnancy, age 30-50, family history of suffering from the same disease, excess body weight, history of uterine surgery, and uterine deformities.

The symptoms of myoma and adenomyosis tend to be similar, sometimes not causing any complaints. Symptoms that may be felt include menstrual pain, more menstrual bleeding, discomfort in the lower abdomen and pelvis, frequent urination, constipation, and pain during intercourse.

Because the symptoms are quite similar, further tests are needed to confirm the diagnosis. The doctor can perform anamnesis, physical examination, and continued investigations if necessary for example by ultrasound, MRI, blood tests, biopsy, laparoscopy, and hysteroscopy. Treatment will be adjusted to the patient's condition, can be hormonal therapy accompanied by periodic observation, pain relief, and surgery if necessary.

If you feel a complaint, I suggest consulting your obstetrician first so that a more thorough examination can be done to ascertain your condition. The doctor will provide treatment options based on the results of your examination.

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