Differences Between Uterine Atony And Uterine Subinvolution?

Illustration of Differences Between Uterine Atony And Uterine Subinvolution?
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good morning, what’s the difference between uterine atony and uterine subinvolution? thank you

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Hello Hafidhotul Ilmillah,

Uterine atony is a condition in which the uterus cannot contract normally after a baby is born. Uterine contractions are needed in labor, to help the baby is born. After childbirth, the uterus must be able to contract with the baby in order to stop the bleeding process. The condition of uterine atony is one of the causes of postpartum bleeding which can lead to death in the mother.

The factors that cause uterine atony are as follows:

Induction labor
Labor that is too long or too fast
Uterus that is too stretched during pregnancy (large fetal size, twin pregnancy)
Multiparity, you have delivered several times

Management of uterine atony is by giving intravenous fluids, bimanual compression (inserting one hand grip into the uterus - one hand presses on the abdomen / upper uterus), administration of stimulant uterine contractions, and if these measures cannot stop bleeding from the uterus, it is necessary to do a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus).

In contrast to uterine atony, uterine subinvolution is the size of the uterus which does not return to normal (shrink) after delivery. Risk factors for uterine subinvolution include:

Over stretched uterus (twin pregnancy, polyhydramnios)
Myoma uteri
Uterus prolapse
Remaining placenta

Symptoms that can be experienced by patients with uterine subinvolution are lochia from the vagina for a long time, fever, stomach cramps. In addition, the uterus will still be palpable even though it has been a long time in the puerperium. Investigations such as ultrasonography are needed to check whether there is residual tissue in the uterus or other abnormalities that cause the subinvolution condition.

Handling of uterine subinvolution depends on the underlying cause, including the administration of antibiotics in the event of infection in the uterus, uterine exploration, curettage, administration of medicines to lower blood from the uterus.

For cases of uterine atony or uterine subinvolution, you should consult further with an obstetrician in order to get an examination and treatment accordingly. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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