Differences In Symptoms Of Goiter And Tonsils

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I want to ask what is the difference between tonsillitis and tonsillitis and what physical symptoms are felt?

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Tonsils or tonsillat palatina is a lymphatic organ (lymph) located at the right and left end of the oral cavity / Tonsils function in the immune process. This organ is generally larger in children (<12 years) because of the immunity of children who are not as good as adults. Because it plays a role in the immune process, these tonsils often become inflamed and cause complaints of pain, coughing, fever, difficulty swallowing or difficulty breathing (if very large). The main physical symptoms in tonsillitis are enlarged tonsils, tonsils appear red and white patches appear on the tonsils.

While goiter (thyroiditis) is a condition of swelling or inflammation of the thyroid gland (thyroid gland) which is located in the neck and has major benefits in the process of energy regulation and metabolic processes. Thyroid inflammation can cause an increase or decrease in thyroid hormone production which causes physical symptoms in accordance with the disruption of thyroid hormone production, namely hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

Both conditions can be easily distinguished because tonsillar inflammation can generally be diagnosed only by physical examination. However, if you or your relatives experience complaints that are similar to the two conditions above and are in doubt about the appropriate handling steps, then you or your relatives should check directly with the doctor to get treatment in accordance with the conditions underlying the complaint.

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