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What is the difference between lidocaine and novocaine?

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Lidocain and novocain are anesthesia (pain relievers) that are useful for relieving pain in various conditions and helping medical procedures such as surgery to run well. Although both are used for anesthesia, the use of these two drugs is different.

Lidocain is generally used as a local pain reliever and is used by injection (in the form of fluid / ampoules) or topical anesthesia (in the form of gel / cream). Lidocain also has a different working time with novocain. Sometimes lidocain can be used in conjunction with adrenaline to extend the performance and effectiveness of anesthesia. Lidocain can also be used for antiarrhythmia (heart rhythm disorders).

While novocain is generally indicated as spinal anesthesia (anesthesia through the backbone). The use of novocain is done in several operating conditions such as cesarean sectio surgery or some abdominal cavity surgery.

Although useful, the use of both of these anesthesia needs to be adjusted to the needs and conditions of a person so you should ask directly with the doctor who treats you to determine the appropriate treatment steps for your condition.

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