Differences In Uterine Cancer And Brown Cysts?

Illustration of Differences In Uterine Cancer And Brown Cysts?
Illustration: Differences In Uterine Cancer And Brown Cysts? innovativegyn.com

Please explain what is the difference between cervical cancer and chocolate cysts … thank you

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Brown cyst or medical term called endometriosis is a disorder in the female reproductive organs characterized by the growth of endometrial cells outside the uterine cavity. The endometrial cells lining the uterine cavity are strongly influenced by hormones. Until now the exact cause of the condition of endometriosis is still unclear.

Under normal circumstances, endometrial cells in the uterine cavity will thicken during the menstrual cycle so that later they are ready to receive the results of fertilization. If the egg does not experience fertilization, the thickened endometrial cells will decay and come out as menstrual blood. In endometriosis, endometrial cells which were originally located in the uterine cavity move and grow outside the uterine cavity. Cells can grow and move to the ovary, fallopian tubes, back of the uterine cavity, can even reach the intestine and bladder.

During menstruation takes place, endometrial cells that move will peel and cause feelings of pain around the pelvis.

Symptoms of endometriosis vary from menstrual pain, chronic low back pain, pain during intercourse, and infertility are common symptoms. Treatment can be with pain relief, hormonal therapy, or surgery to a degree that is severe.

While endometrial cancer is a malignancy in the endometrial wall in the uterus. Clinical symptoms that are usually found include abnormal vaginal fluid, abnormal postmenopausal bleeding, and abnormal vaginal discharge.

Risk factors associated with endometrial cancer are obesity, infertility, early menses, slow menopause, diabetes, hypertension, and chronic menstrual disorders.

To determine the stage in endometrial cancer, surgical removal of the uterus and both ovaries and fluid sampling in the stomach cavity. Through these operations can be seen the spread of disease and the depth of uterine wall invasion.

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