Different Ear And Eye Sizes In Babies

Illustration of Different Ear And Eye Sizes In Babies
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Tonight my child is only 29 days old. his right eye is curled so it’s bigger than his left eye. Is that normal? Then the ear also because often sleeps in the right direction, in breastfeeding also in the right ear is often crushed on the head so the right ear is folded already often corrected but back folded because it is often pulled in the right way so the ear becomes rather long at appeal left ear .. But it’s still folded. Will it continue like that until he grows up? What do you do? That’s all, thank you doctor

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Hello Yeni,

Excessive production of eye discharge in newborns can occur because of tear-nose (nasolacrimal) ducts that have not been patented. In these conditions the mother can help by doing Crigler massage from the base of the nose down to the nose (can see video instructions) to help channel a good tear.

I need to ask what is meant by the right eye so it is bigger than the left eye. What do you mean by eye gaps of different sizes or the right eye becoming swollen / bulging compared to the left eye? Because the condition of the eye is swollen + rubbing on the baby (one side) can be caused by other causes that require further examination by a doctor, such as:

Dakriostenosis or nasolacrimal duct obstruction


Abrasion of the cornea

If there are symptoms of red eye, swollen eyes in the baby, accompanied by spending a lot of eye secretions, with or without fever, you should take the child to see a doctor.

The shape, rigidity of the auricle and its ability to return to normal shape after folding are one of the indicators used to assess the maturity of a newborn baby. In infants born not enough months, it is commonly found that the earlobe is thinner, folded, and recoil is not good. The shape of the earlobe can continue to change until the baby's age is around 2 months. Earlobe molding can be an option for overcoming the shape of the earlobe. If the baby's ears are harder, molding is difficult.

You need to know that the shape of a person's ears is not exactly right and left. What mothers need to be aware of is, there are several manifestations of ear deformity that can be related to congenital or genetic diseases, for example:

Ear pit, ear tag
Lower ear position
Ear canal malformations, etc.

In some cases ear malformations can persist into adulthood.

If there are other symptoms that you observe and you feel strange both to the baby's physical and baby's growth and development, you can consult with a pediatrician. The purpose of the examination is to ensure that the physical manifestations in the baby's physical condition are not caused by another disease such as a congenital or genetic disease (which is usually accompanied by impaired function of several organs).

* In the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak, make sure you take proper precautions before traveling outside the house or visiting a health facility.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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