Different Masks In 1 Week?

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Can I use a different mask in 1 week? For example, today is the same as using the Jafra mud mask and tomorrow I will use another mask with certain ingredients. And if I really use it, will the benefits of my first mask be bad for my skin? Or is it even better?

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Hello Yusi,

One way to treat skin is to use a mask. There are many types of masks and their benefits depend on what ingredients are in the masks.

For the use of masks, there is no standard on this matter. However, you can wear a mask 1-3x / week according to your skin condition and skin reaction. Usually on the finished mask package there are procedures for using masks. You should follow the method of using the mask in the mask package. Meanwhile, if you use a natural mask, you can use it every 2 or 3 days.

Masks can also be used alternately and you can adjust them according to skin conditions, for example a mask that moisturizes when the skin feels dry alternating with a mask that brightens when the skin looks dull.

If later you experience signs of irritation, such as redness, itching, or heat, immediately flush the mask and stop using it. You can do a patch test first to find out the skin reaction with the mask content.

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