Different Ultrasound Results?

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In the morning, I want to ask, can the doctor use the wrong ultrasound, I was pregnant with my first child, coincidentally, when I was first ultrasound at 9 weeks and the doctor said I was pregnant with twins, believe I didn’t believe it because I was still a child and I was afraid of mistakes, after that the next month I was again with the same doctor at 15 weeks’ gestation and the doctor said on the ultrasound was twins. that’s where I was sure you were twins. then at 17 weeks old again, I was midwife because there was a slight complaint with my pregnancy, but when I was in the midwife, I was told that it was only one, right? how can that be? the wrong doctor or the wrong midwife huh ???

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 Pregnancy can be confirmed by ultrasonography (USG). This check is quite safe for pregnant women. It should be noted that the USG is an examination that relies on the knowledge and skills of the examiner himself, so often the results of readings between examiners / doctors with each other may be different.
 Therefore, we recommend that you do a repeat pregnancy test to the obstetrician directly. Obstetricians have special medical abilities and experience in the field of women's reproductive health, pregnancy and various diseases related to pregnancy disorders and disorders of the reproductive organs.
 Not all health workers such as midwives are able to have expertise in reading USG properly. Reading ultrasound images requires the skills, knowledge, medical experience of the examiner. In addition, the ultrasound modality used also supports good image quality.
 A living, well-developed fetus can be identified by a heartbeat detected by ultrasound examination. If the doctor finds two heartbeats in the uterus, then there may have been a twin pregnancy (gemelli).
 It is highly recommended to conduct an examination to the obstetrician directly. Do not hesitate to conduct discussions and consultations related to the results of the ultrasound examination so that you get more complete and relevant information related to your condition.
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