Difficult Bowel Movements In Infants Aged 3 Months?

Illustration of Difficult Bowel Movements In Infants Aged 3 Months?
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Mlm donk … want to ask my child just 3 months old difficult chapter, is SGM lactose-free milk can he drink ??

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Hello VhiraSugeha,

Infants' bowel movements are very varied and are influenced by the food they consume. Infants <6 months who only get breast milk can defecate 2-5 times a day or even just 1 time a day and are still normal. BAB with breast milk is very dependent on the intake consumed by the mother because the composition of the mother's food will also be excreted through breast milk.

Constipation or difficult bowel movements in infants <1 year are marked by:

 Defecation frequency is drastically reduced than usual Stools that come out like pellets and hard Babies cry and straining when they want to defecate If the baby does not experience the things above, the possibility of BAB is still considered normal. Infants who are exclusively breastfed rarely experience constipation. If the baby gets exclusive breastfeeding, the baby then experiences constipation, the milk should not be stopped and must be continued even more often to ensure the adequacy of the baby's fluids and dehydration which can also cause constipation. Mothers can eat more of the following foods so that the stools of children are softer:

 Foods high in fiber such as vegetables (spinach) and fruit (apples, papayas, avocados, berries) Oatmeal Eggs Sufficient water For babies who get formula milk, mothers can try to replace formula milk with other brands and then observe the presence or absence of changes in the bowel pattern. If there is no change, changing to another brand will not necessarily change. We recommend that you consult with your doctor directly if after changing baby formula continues to experience constipation. The milk you mentioned you can give to your baby, adjust it to the age group and the dosage according to the packaging.

If the baby does not defecate or fart at all> 3 days, the baby's stomach gets bigger, the baby vomits, the baby looks fussy and in pain, defecates blood, there is fever, you should immediately take the baby to the doctor for a check. Some diseases such as Hirschprung, intussusception, hypothyroidism can also give symptoms of constipation.

Some ways you can also do to help the baby defecate smoothly:

 Wash your baby with warm water Gymnastics for babies such as moving the baby's feet such as cycling movements Lightly massage the baby's stomach Avoid giving solid food before the baby is 6 months That is my explanation, hopefully useful.

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