Difficult Chapter After Surgery Because Of An Ectopic Pregnancy?

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Good afternoon doctor … before I thank you because for the doctor’s advice I have found an expert doctor and it turns out that I have an ectopic pregnancy and a hospital performing emergency surgery because pregnancy is outside the uterus at a critical or chronic stage … thank God I have gone through surgery and on the 16th of February and I am healthy, I have no other illnesses and on the 18th of February I was justified to leave the hospital. Only the doctor who became my problem was that since I had surgery on the 16th February I immediately had no bowel movements … but I had fart and peeing … is this normal doctor? Where did the rest of my food for 4 days doctor …? Is it dangerous for me? Thank you doctor …

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Hello Lia!

Thank you for the question on HealthReplies.com,

In the emergency surgery related to the abdominal area, in your case you have an ectopic pregnancy / pregnancy that occurs outside the uterus. The surgical process uses anesthesia / anesthesia to eliminate sensations so that there is no pain at the time of surgery. After surgery, the effects of anesthetics on various body systems still need to be monitored, including the digestive system. Recovery time is needed so that the body's organ system functions back to normal.

One of the signs that the digestive system is functioning again is a bowel movement such as flatus / flatulence / farting. So it is only recommended after farts can start eating solid foods or food as usual. At this time it is necessary to monitor whether there are eating complaints, whether after you return to eating normally after more than a week still can not defecate at all, appear bloated, nausea, vomiting. So far you do not need to worry because the digestive system is still recovering and there is no difficulty eating you experience.

However, if it is found that the difficulty of bowel movements is still ongoing, it is advisable to control your doctor related to your surgery to do a follow-up examination and management according to your condition. Maintain a regular and good eating pattern, routine control related to the surgical wound and during the recovery period, adequate rest, avoid activities that are too heavy.

Hopefully this information can help you,


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