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Greetings, I want to ask. I experienced constipation that was very bad since 3 weeks ago. It all started since I ate dark chocolate with milo. After that I had a hard time defecating. My chapter is hard but it is very difficult to get out, it still comes out but I think there is still nothing left and I am satisfied. I did not feel nauseous. In the first week, I felt pain in my stomach and small urination, I also felt dizzy. So I took the first step to using an enema for the first time, it only came out a little in my chapter. Then I went to emergency, the doctor checked my stomach and said it was sticking out in my lower left abdomen. He gave me 3 drugs, which are laxatives, a type of pill and enema. He told me to consume the medicine for 3-4 days if he still could not defecate, he told me to go back for an X-ray. So after consuming the medicine, it still doesn’t work. I also used an enema but it still didn’t come out. I just took out a liquid chapter but he felt very dissatisfied. I think there’s still something left at the end of my anus. My chapter was also not hard and I did not bleed at all. After 4 days I came back to emergency for x-ray, finished xray I saw full of unclean collected in my large intestine. The doctor said there was nothing serious, and he said in 4-5 days all this would end. The doctor also advised me to drink lots of water, and he gave me the same medicine as the medicine he gave me before. I continued to laxatives but I could not take the pills because if I took the pills he gave me, my stomach felt more painful than before. He gave me 2 enemas and told me to use both of them once all, I had done that but he still don’t want to come out! The total enema I have used in more than 2 weeks is 5 enemas. I used enemas every few days but the bowel attached to my rectum was still not going to come out. I still left laxatives 3 times a day, I no longer had difficulty urinating. My stomach also does not feel aches and pains, I also issue a chapter as usual and my days do not break to do chapter every morning. I drink juice every morning and before going to bed. Drink at least 2.5L of water a day. But I think it still doesn’t feel good in my anus like something big wants to come out but it can’t come out. My last step, I used glycerin suppository and I tried to put my finger in my glove and try to remove it but I felt as soft as if it were filling. I was stuck, I was wrong samada it really is BAB or hemorrhoids. He is not sick and does not also bleed a lot but he is also difficult to get out. During my constipation I never bleed from my anus, it also aches and aches but it is just hard to get out. It is very big and my anus can not expel it. If I just scrape it, it can come out with only my BAB. And it is also soft and I can’t solve it. There was once I was very stressed and determined to get it out so I dug it up and he took out 3 bead of blood attached to the gloves. After that I did not experience any more bleeding. My anus doesn’t hurt but if I insert my finger often it hurts. What do I need to do? Is that really unclean to me or is it hemorrhoid? If it is a hemorrhoid, why is it so difficult to remove it? Are there any more of my CHAPTER remaining? Do I need to go to emergency one more time? I still can’t get away from consuming laxatives and it helps me little by little. Entering today I have been like this for 23 days. I am very stressed and clogged. Until I need to empty laxatives? Are there unclean people who are very difficult to get out and come out too? Because it decreases and when I touch it around my anus, it is hard in front and right. And empty left and back. Is that why he can issue another chapter?

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Hello Hyun.

Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Difficult CHAPTER that does not heal for a long time (more than 2 weeks) can occur due to various factors. In general, the factors causing difficult CHAPTER can be classified into 4, namely:

Blockage of the colon or rectum, for example due to anal fissure, intestinal obstruction, colon cancer, colonic stricture, cancer in other abdominal cavities that suppress the colon, rectal cancer, rectocele (rectum protruding to the back of the vagina), swollen hemorrhoids
Neurological disorders around the colon or rectum, for example due to autonomic neuropathy, spinal cord injury, stroke
Muscle disorders that play a role in defecation, for example due to anismus, dysinergia, pelvic muscle weakness
Hormonal disorders that affect fluid balance in the body, for example due to diabetes, hyperparathyroidism, pregnancy, or also hyperthyroidism

When it is difficult to defecate, it is very natural that the stomach feels uncomfortable, that is, pain, bloating, so that it feels like a lump like something out. Difficult bowel movements also cause metabolic waste that cannot be eliminated optimally, resulting in dizziness. Furthermore, the accumulation of faeces in the rectum and colon can urge the bladder, so the impact, urination becomes not smooth.

It is difficult to determine the exact cause of your complaints without a direct physical examination. Therefore, considering that your complaints have been going on for a long time and have not improved with doctor's treatments, we recommend that you check yourself with a specialist in internal medicine. In severe cases, the doctor can direct you to undergo further tests, such as ultrasound, X-ray, laboratory, endoscopy, and so on.

In order for complaints to improve, here are our initial suggestions:

Drink at least 10 glasses of water per day
Actively moving and exercising, don't sit too much
Expand also eat fibrous foods, for example fruits, vegetables, whole grains
Reduce consumption of instant and preserved foods, dairy products, or meat because they contain less fiber
Never hold back urination
Maintain your ideal body weight, don't be too fat
No need to stress, worry, or think about problems (including your constipation problems) excessively
Do not carelessly take any medicine (including laxatives or enemas) without a prescription directly from a doctor
If there is something that feels lumps around the anus, rectum, or colon, do not pull or pry out

Hope this helps ...

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