Difficult Handling Of Chapters In Children Aged 3 Years?

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Good morning … I via 27y want to ask. My child since the age of 1.5 years has difficulty defecating chronic constipation. Now it’s 3 years and 8 months. And getting worse. More often the chapter is loud. Almost every day the chapter but always hard. Sometimes up to 3 days of pushing have not come out. BNO examination has been carried out, but said DSA there was nothing. What I want to ask is that Hisprung can affect toddlers. Or only on baby from the beginning of birth. Thank you

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Hi Vianty,

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Almost all babies have problems with constipation (difficult bowel movements). This condition occurs in most cases due to mild conditions, for example due to lack of fiber consumption, lack of fluid intake, habit of holding bowel movements, just learning to consume solid food, and many other factors. As long as your child is still defecating not less than once a week, your child's condition may not actually be dangerous. But indeed, difficult bowel movements in children can cause children to become fussy, feeling uncomfortable stomach, can even experience bloody chapter due to wounds around his anus.

Apart from normal variations in conditions, difficult BAB in infants can also occur due to an illness, such as lactose intolerance, malabsorption, food allergies, hypercalcemia, hypothyroidism, viral or bacterial infections, gastrointestinal obstruction, Hirschprung's disease, and so on.

As mentioned above, Hirschprung's disease can also cause baby constipation. This disease arises due to neurological disorders in the baby's intestine which causes disturbed intestinal peristalsis. Often, this disease has been detected since the early days of life. And babies with Hirschprung's disease rarely survive and have normal activities with the disease without getting the right treatment. Therefore, most likely, not this condition that underlies your baby's current complaints.

It is recommended that you consult with your doctor or pediatrician who checks your baby for the right steps to take to resolve your child's complaints. Often, not only prescribe medication, your doctor will also teach you the proper procedures for feeding and drinking so that complaints don't recur. The following steps can you also apply:

Do not carelessly give babies medicine, including laxatives Give the baby plenty of water to drink No need to give formula milk or other extra milk before the baby is 2 years old, if you can still produce enough milk Give the baby food according to its age Expand multiply baby fruits and vegetables water containing appeals to the child not to hold back his bowel Encourage the child to actively move so that digestion is smoother Don't panic Hope it helps ..

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