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I want to ask the doctor / mother, my father has been struggling for 4 days if he wants to stand or sit, but if he is already standing there is no problem. because yesterday my father fell at a height of about 80cm in order to avoid the head when falling his waist hit the surface first and there was wood on his waist when it fell, I thought it was just an ordinary injury when I happened to massage my waist, but it’s been 4 days there has been no change, the waist is slammed on the back right waist, there is no swelling or bruising, why is that? if it is said that there is a broken or fractured bone, isn’t it because of other causes?

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Hello Nanda Mahendra,

Falling from a height is not an injury that should be considered trivial. There are various injuries that can be caused by the mechanism of falling from a height of 80 cm, including:

Muscle injury
Ligament injury
Rupture of the pulmonary nucleus disc herniation. The cushion between the vertebrae is torn and shifted so that it irritates the spinal cord

Broken coccyx or other vertebrae
Pelvic fracture
Spinal cord injury

Injuries can generally be more severe in elderly patients, patients with osteoporosis, or patients with other bone disorders. To determine the presence or absence of a fracture, it is not enough just from the symptoms and complaints of the patient. Patients may not complain about anything other than pain that does not experience improvement. X-ray investigations are needed to see the presence or absence of fractures, can evaluate the area of ​​the spine, pelvis, groin, and so on. Other investigations such as MRI, are used to evaluate the presence or absence of injury to supporting tissues such as ligaments (tears) and also injury to the spinal nerves.

Danger signs that need to be aware of in patients after falling from a height are:

Tingling / numbness in the lower limbs
The paralysis of both lower limbs
Patients can not control bowel and bladder
The patient has an unconscious erection
Loss of consciousness

Immediately take the patient to the nearest emergency department if you experience these things. Avoid delaying and sorting the patient first. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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