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11 days ago I had an accident, my legs were swollen and bruised. 4 days later to the masseuse and so can not walk (because the bruised part is pressed with a cloth soaked in boiling water). I touch the shin like a muscle, is it because of the muscle that shifts me that I can’t walk? Because before the massage I could walk, just swollen and pressed a little. How long does it take to recover muscle and nerve tissue? Because it has been difficult for me to walk for 6 days, getting tired really feels tight. Should I go to a bone or nerve doctor? Because after the massage, my ankles are a little ache

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In the lower limbs there are structures of bones, ligaments, tendons, nerves, muscles, skin, and blood vessels. If trauma occurs, the structure can suffer damage such as fractures or fractures, joint dislocations, tears in the ligaments, or injury to the related innervation. Complaints can be pain, numbness, tingling or electric shock, swelling, or difficulty moving the legs.

You should check with an orthopedic specialist for evaluation. The doctor will assess the physical examination of possible causes of the disorder. Investigations can then be performed to help make a diagnosis, such as an X-ray on a suspected dislocation or fracture in the shin and ankle, or an MRI on a suspected ligament, tendon or innervation.

Tissue recovery process depends on the severity of the injury. If there is a fracture, healing can take up to 3 months after surgery. If a tendon tear occurs, a recovery period of 3-4 weeks is required.

Handling depends on the cause, in mild cases it may only be necessary conservative therapy such as resting the injured part and symptomatic medication, while in severe cases can require surgery.

Things done at home to reduce complaints include resting the injured leg temporarily, cold compressing the injured area, avoiding excessive emphasis on the swollen area, and elevating the foot above the chest.

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