Difficulty Breathing And Shortness Of Breath

Illustration of Difficulty Breathing And Shortness Of Breath
Illustration: Difficulty Breathing And Shortness Of Breath

Assalamuaaikum doc, I want to ask, I often have difficulty breathing and sometimes my breath is short, and my phlegm is pierced, I don’t want to disappear when I’m not having a cough or runny nose

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Hello Nurul, Thank you for the question.

Do these symptoms occur after exposure to certain triggers? Are these symptoms of shortness of breath appearing so that you have difficulty in moving? Shortness of breath symptoms can be caused by various health conditions. Usually these symptoms are also accompanied by other symptoms such as coughing, runny nose, sore throat, heartburn or chest pain that feels hot, nausea, vomiting, frequent belching, flatulence, palpitations, excessive sweating, and others. Some of the causes of the symptoms that you are experiencing are:

allergic reaction
stomach acid disease
high stress

You can try the following suggestions:

try to pay attention to your symptoms, whether triggered by exposure to certain triggers. If there is, try to avoid it
try taking several deep breaths
avoid exposure to dust, animal hair, or air pollution
avoid smoking
always keep the house and bedroom clean
consuming warm drinks or applying warm balm to the chest to help relieve breathing
Limit consumption of spicy, sour, oily foods
limit consumption of caffeinated and fizzy drinks
manage stress well

If the symptoms of shortness of breath have occurred more than 2 weeks, please immediately consult with your nearest GP. The doctor needs to ask about your symptoms and examine you further (including X-rays) if necessary to ascertain the reason so that the doctor can provide appropriate treatment. However, if there are signs of danger such as shortness of breath that is burdensome to difficult to act (breathing fast and short), please immediately visit the emergency room of the nearest hospital so that you can immediately be given appropriate treatment.

Hope this information helps.

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