Difficulty Defecating For A Week During Hemorrhoid Treatment?

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Good afternoon doctor, I’m 18 years old. I am currently in the period of hemorrhoid treatment by injection / hemorrhoid injection in the clinic. I have constipation for a week. I always feel very mules doctor, but every to the bathroom there is no feces out. BAB hard to bleed. Always drink vegeta and dulcolax, don’t keep defecating. Check with your doctor not given medicine but only recommended to eat lots of green vegetables. But until a week does not immediately defecate but always heartburn. So many doctors. Thanks.

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Difficulty defecating can be caused due to various causes. From the circumstances that you have experienced, it is difficult to have a bowel movement and blood can be caused by bowel movements that you experience. Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids are a condition where the widening of the blood vessels in the anal area occurs. Hemorrhoids in the early stages can cause symptoms such as pain when defecating, feel sore or hot in the area around the anus, and can be accompanied by a fresh red blood chapter that drips. Large hemorrhoids can cause difficult bowel movements, or small bowel movements. This difficult bowel movement can lead to increased blood bowel movements.

in patients with hemorrhoids / hemorrhoids, it is highly recommended that the bowel is not hard and also should not overload because excessive bathing can cause hemorrhoids to increase in size. If indeed you are doing hemorrhoidal therapy, then do that therapy and consume the medicine your doctor gave you according to the recommendations. Usually if the hemorrhoids have shrunk then the chapter will return to normal. However, if the hemorrhoids do not improve or if the hemorrhoids enlarge out, surgery is required.

some other conditions that can also cause the situation that you experience:

gastrointestinal infections inflammation of the large intestine polyps of the gastrointestinal, therefore, you can also check your condition directly to a specialist in internal medicine yes, so the doctor can check your condition directly. It is recommended that you consume lots of vegetables and fruit like papaya. It is important not to smoke and not consume alcohol.

The following article you can read about hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids)

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