Difficulty Expressing Emotions In Teenagers 16 Years?

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I’m Lala, age 16, a high school student. Some of this happened a few years ago, and some happened more or less 6 months ago. I find it difficult to express my own emotions, or may not be able to feel normal emotions like teenagers in general; often lose words in the middle of the road when talking to others; sometimes it’s hard to express what’s on my mind when it’s very clear and easy; feel like having multiple personalities at a time like now I am an agile extrovert here and there, but when I became a very quiet introvert even when I was dealing with someone I felt comfortable with; sometimes at night when I feel so shocked by what I face both today and in the past that it makes me cry and have trouble sleeping. When I feel disappointed in myself, I feel sick when I feel that no one is giving support even if they are people I consider close; There are days when I feel very tired and think that day is my lowest point. When I feel everything is empty, my feelings are not clear as to what. Doing all day activities like a robot. Although there was a day where I felt I could undergo activities like humans who taste, but that day was a very difficult day for me to get; when I have a lot of positive planing that I want to do for tomorrow and my goals but then I feel blank in an instant. At first I was hesitant to tell this story, but thought it would hurt me even deeper if I chose to be silent alone for a longer time . Is that depression? Then what do I need to do ?, I want to be a normal teen at his age like the others.

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Hello Lala, Thank you for the question.

Teen age is the age where someone is still trying to find his true identity. Not infrequently someone who reaches adolescence will explore a lot and try to find out about many things including what he is going through. Having changing emotions is a natural thing that is experienced by anyone because a person's emotions will change in reaction to events or daily experiences. It is normal if you become sad or disappointed with some unpleasant events in your daily life, for example an event that is not in line with expectations, problems in friendships, facing failure, losing someone, and others. In these conditions, you may feel alone and no one supports, because the feeling is part of the mood you are feeling. Not everyone is easy to express / express his emotions, depending on one's personality, environmental factors, and others. Likewise, a person's behavior can vary from day to day; there are times when someone is very active and open but there are times when someone wants to spend more time alone and not socialize with others. The complaints you convey are feelings that are still fairly normal.

Depression is a mood disorder that causes a person to feel deep sadness. despair, and feeling worthless which causes disruption in daily life and social relationships with others and even causes sufferers to have suicidal ideation. Someone said to be depressed if you experience these complaints for 2 weeks. Some of the symptoms that depression sufferers can experience are:

deep sad
always feel guilty and worthless
irritable and sensitive
no longer interested in things that were considered interesting / not motivated
difficulty concentrating
have suicidal ideas or intentions
easily tired
hard to sleep
changes in appetite
weight change
menstrual disorders in women

To diagnose depression in someone requires further examination by a psychiatrist / psychiatrist. What you experience according to your story may still be classified as normal. However, if this condition is very disruptive to your life and your social relationships, you can further consult with a psychologist or mental specialist. Without further examination, it is not possible to ascertain what you are experiencing.

The following suggestions can help you:

try to concern yourself with positive things such as exercising regularly, participating in social activities, or doing your hobby
refrain from associations that bring negative influence
continue to consume nutritious food and adequate consumption of water every day
get enough rest for 6-8 hours every day
tell your family or people closest to you about how you feel
Avoid smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages
Hopefully this information is useful.

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