Difficulty Gaining Weight Accompanied By Frequent Shortness Of Breath And Heartburn?

Illustration of Difficulty Gaining Weight Accompanied By Frequent Shortness Of Breath And Heartburn?
Illustration: Difficulty Gaining Weight Accompanied By Frequent Shortness Of Breath And Heartburn? Bing

Assalamu alaikumrnalo doctor,rnI am currently 21 years old, but my weight is only 38 kg. In addition, I usually have difficulty breathing, if I breathe in my chest or upper part of my stomach it hurts to the back. And also my hair keeps falling out. What is the doctor’s opinion?rnThank you

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Hello, thanks for your question.

To find out if your weight is normal, underweight or overweight, you can use a formula by calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI) or also known as Body Mass Index (BMI). If the results are below normal weight, then medical intervention may be needed to help gain weight.

Underweight can be caused by various things, namely physical health factors and mental health. Factors of physical health conditions that affect body weight below normal, for example suffering from gastrointestinal disease, thyroid hormone disorders, or due to other chronic diseases. While mental health factors are suffering from psychological disorders such as stress, depression, eating disorders (eg anorexia nervosa).

Symptoms of difficulty breathing and heartburn may be caused by a stomach disorder or problem. It may also be correlated with being underweight and hair loss. Disturbances in the stomach cause the absorption of nutrients that are less than optimal. Lack of nutritional intake also affects the growth of hair strands that become thinner and brittle.

Of course, to determine for sure the cause of the symptoms you are experiencing, it requires an immediate examination by a doctor. The supporting examinations that may be needed such as blood tests, abdominal ultrasound, endoscopy, or other examinations as indicated.

Here are some suggestions to help manage your symptoms:

Eat in small portions but often. Choose foods that are nutritionally complete and eat regularly. Avoid fast food, oily and spicy food. The types of food that are reproduced are fruit, vegetables, nuts, skinless chicken meat.
Don't sleep after eating. Give a gap of at least 2 hours after eating.
Eat healthy snacks.
Enough rest.
Exercise regularly.
Manage stress well, for example with relaxation therapy, meditation, yoga.

Here's an article that fits the topic of your question:

To calculate BMI you can read the following article at https://www.HealthReplies.com/understanding-about-body-mass index

That's the information I can convey, I hope it's useful.

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