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in the morning, introduce me to Devita from Surakarta. I want to ask about the difficulty in speaking that I’m having. When I want to make the sound I want to say it feels like someone is wiping my voice to get out, it feels like it’s in my throat. I’ve been to the ENT I think it’s because the dirt and water that enters the ear after cleaning is a bit loose, but a few days later “hard to speak” I came back again and maybe it was due to misdiagnosing what I initially thought was due to an ear problem. Prior to the ENT, I also had a nerve massage and the masseuse said “it’s difficult for me to speak” after checking certain parts. What happened to my voice and speech organs?? And what is the next step?

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Hello good morning Devita.

Difficulty in making sounds can be caused by several conditions:

inflammation of the larynx (laryngitis). Laryngitis is a channel that connects the airways to the trachea (throat), the causes can be various, one of which is acid reflux disease (GERD / Gastro-Esophagel Reflux Disease) which causes stomach acid to rise up into the throat and hit the larynx so that the larynx becomes inflamed.

Spasmodic dysphonia, which is a speech disorder with no known cause, which is characterized by abnormal laryngeal muscle contractions when speaking. Usually, people with this disorder feel their voice gets worse when experiencing emotional stress, talking on the phone, or speaking in front of a crowd, and getting better when they wake up in the morning.
Damage to the vocal cords from shouting too loudly or singing at a high voice
Irritation of the larynx, for example due to smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages
the presence of nodules on the vocal cords or polyps on the vocal cords that are benign
use of inhaled corticosteroid medications (eg for asthma therapy)
Nervous disorders resulting in vocal cord weakness
the presence of thyroid disease which causes the thyroid to enlarge and push inwards (throat), usually the patient complains of hoarseness and discomfort in the throat

To be able to determine the cause of the complaints you are experiencing, it is recommended that you check with an ENT specialist, you are allowed to check with another ENT specialist who is different from the previous ENT doctor to get a second opinion. Tell us in detail and clearly about the complaints you are experiencing, including a history of actions and treatments that have been given by an ENT doctor before. The doctor will perform a general physical examination and specifically for the ENT department, as well as other tests such as direct laryngoscopy may be needed.

Here are some ways you can do to prevent worsening of symptoms:

drink lots of warm water
rest the vocal cords, avoid talking too much, avoid shouting or speaking in whispers
don't smoke and don't drink alcohol
Avoid oily, hot and spicy foods
Avoid cold food or drinks for a while

That's all, hope it helps.

Regards, dr. Denisa

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