Difficulty Swallowing, Vomiting And Paralysis In Stroke Sufferers?

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Hello, my father had a stroke and had attacked when he was fishing and at the same time with a vertiginous attack. As a result, he continued to vomit. After recovering, the path was a bit limp but he could walk. Smoking never stopped. the doctor who handled it had explained not to smoke. then the second attack appeared while fishing too, he said his head was sick and made to sleep, after waking up the right side of his body could not be moved, then taken to the hospital and the doctor said diabetes complications. It’s been 4 months since the hospital but father still can’t walk. Just sit and bother. When he was treated he said the paralyzed part hurts so he doesn’t want to be treated anymore. Medicine also doesn’t want to be drunk because it’s hard to swallow and get angry when told to take medicine. my father threw up again. Is vomiting a sign of a 3rd stroke? How do I make it so that my father can walk again, because I see other stroke sufferers even though the one who is paralyzed can still walk while my father is just sitting, his body is limp. The part that is paralyzed is said to hurt. Please answer yes, thank you

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Hello Linda,

Thank you for the question.

Strokes occur when there are blood vessels in the brain that break (hemorrhagic stroke) or are blocked (ischemic stroke), making brain tissue die and function is disrupted. This stroke is prone to be experienced by the elderly, especially those accustomed to living lightly, smoking, problems with obesity, consuming drugs and alcohol, also experiencing certain diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart problems. If your father has a family history of close relatives who also suffered a stroke or heart disease, then the risk for also experiencing these two diseases will be much greater.

Not only vertigo, stroke itself can indeed cause impaired balance and coordination, so that spinning comes dizzy. In addition, due to increased pressure in the brain, patients can also experience vomiting. The other symptoms of stroke that can appear are weakness or numbness in some parts of the body, difficulty swallowing, difficulty speaking, difficult to think clearly, behavioral disorders, sleep disorders, vision problems, impaired memory, headaches, to decreased consciousness. People with a history of previous strokes have a higher risk of having a stroke again. And if this stroke occurs repeatedly, the intensity is indeed generally more severe and more deadly than the first stroke.

Your father's current condition with vomiting may indicate he has had a stroke again. But it could also, vomiting is caused by other things, such as dyspepsia, migraine, vertigo, food allergies, poisoning, gastroenteritis, liver disorders, disorders of the bladder or bile ducts, brain tumors, side effects of drugs, and so on.

To be clear, of course this condition cannot be guessed at. Try seeing your father directly to the doctor so that you can do a more in-depth evaluation, for example with blood tests, x-rays, CT scans, or many other examinations. In this way, then your father's condition can be identified the cause and how to handle it appropriately. If indeed the condition is suspected to be related to a stroke or other nervous system disorder, the doctor can refer you to a neurologist later.

In the meantime, what needs to be done is:

 Let your father rest more. Do not carelessly massage painful and paralyzed areas of the body Give your father easy to swallow food, with small but frequent portions. Invite your father to discuss gently, do not judge, do not force, help him realize the possible risks. arise when conditions are not handled properly Make your father calm heart and mind Help control diabetes by giving him more vegetables, fruits, and low-sugar foods Invite your father to be active and exercise according to his ability Do not carelessly give your father medicine, other than those given by the doctor help huh ..

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