Difficulty Sweating On The Cheeks And Chin?

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Tonight doctor, I want to ask. I often exercise, but why my cheeks and chin areas do not sweat? While my body sweats. I really want to shrink the cheeks and chin area, please answer the doctor, thank you in advance

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Hello Geost

The human body secretes fluids through the sweat glands in an effort to regulate body temperature balance (thermoregulation), so that in people with fever and exercising tend to sweat to keep body temperature from getting hotter. In sports the body's metabolism will increase and this will cause body temperature to rise.

There are 2 types of sweat glands namely eccrine and apocrine glands. Ekrin itself is located almost on the entire surface of the human body, but even more in the area of ​​the palm of the hand, the sole of the foot. While the apocrine glands are only found in the armpit area and the area around the rectum and genitals.

That is why when a person is sweating, not all parts of his body get wet. Where in natural conditions Geost the possibility of sweat glands in the cheek and chin area is much less than other areas.

Sweating or not the cheek and chin areas are not directly related to make the cheek and chin areas become small. The shape of a person's face is determined by various factors such as genetic factors (having a face that tends to be round and chubby though not fat) and factors from the buildup of fat in the face area.

It will be difficult to change the shape of the face that is influenced by genetic factors, exercise efforts may be able to reduce the cheek and chin, but there is still a limit to what the thickness is reduced even though you have been exercising and dieting so that the body shape becomes ideal.

But in those who become opaque due to obesity (so the shape of the original face is not round), efforts to do sports such as aerobics, jogging / running, cycling for more than 30 minutes will burn body fat as a whole, including fat in the face. So that with weight loss is the ideal face shape that was initially opaque on the cheek and chin area can be significantly reduced compared to those who have round face types.

Specific sports to reduce the cheeks and face area generally nothing is really optimal (such as facial exercises), efforts that have been proven to reduce the distribution of fat on the face is doing aerobic exercise, running, and cycling by burning the fat thoroughly.

In addition to the Geost sports business is expected to maintain the type of food consumed if you want to get a non-translucent face shape, then it is oily and fatty foods should be avoided and try to always actively move

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