Difficulty Walking And Memory Loss After A Head Hit?

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good afternoon, my husband hit his head on the forehead area, when the incident happened his head was enlarged and the back of the head felt soft to the touch and nosebleed and vomited blood. he fell into a coma and only regained consciousness 3 days later. after treatment she had difficulty walking and her memory was lost, she could read but could not write down what she read. he also likes to smile his own smile when asked by other people. how is the recovery? And are these the symptoms that people with concussions experience? I am afraid that there is a mental disorder or maybe it cannot be cured, even more so I am afraid the healing will take a long time. and what therapy should be done in accordance with these symptoms? information please. thank you

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Hello Khusnul,

Your husband has a serious head injury. Head injuries often occur when the head is hit. There are 3 head injuries based on light weight, namely minor head injury, moderate head injury, and severe head injury. The presence of unconsciousness following a head injury is a sign of a serious head injury. In head injuries, brain function disorders, swelling of the brain, cerebral hemorrhage, and skull fractures can occur. All head injury conditions must receive special treatment by a doctor.

Some of the symptoms of a serious head injury include loss of consciousness / fainting, vomiting, difficulty speaking, bleeding in the ears and nose, bruising around the eyes, seizures, and amnesia. In a head injury, the doctor will perform a thorough examination first to confirm the patient's initial condition and then provide treatment to stabilize the patient and avoid the greatest risks, for example by stabilizing the neck and spine, ensuring a free airway, administering oxygen, administering fluids, stopping bleeding, and resuscitation measures if necessary.

Furthermore, after the patient's condition is more stable, further examinations are carried out with further physical examinations and if necessary with supporting examinations such as CT scans and MRI to assess the condition of the patient's brain, skull and spine and other examinations in accordance with the results of previous doctor's examinations. The treatment given will then be adjusted to the results of the examination, for example with drugs to surgery. After the patient has recovered, he can be given further treatment with physiotherapy to help restore body function if needed.

The recovery process for brain injury cannot be ascertained because it can vary widely and can take several months depending on the severity of the injury and also the condition of each patient. There are several complications that can occur after a head injury, including:

Impaired consciousness, for example the patient is in a coma
Post-head injury symptoms that can last up to several months, such as: headache, sleep disturbances, amnesia / memory disturbances, decreased concentration, ringing in the ears
Disorders of the brain: disorders of balance and coordination, impaired hormone production, impaired sense of taste and smell, difficulty thinking, difficulty processing information, difficulty solving problems, behavior and personality changes, psychological disorders

Every condition or complication that occurs after a head injury certainly requires proper treatment. The treatment given can vary depending on the patient's condition. I suggest that you discuss directly with the doctor who treats your husband about your husband's current condition and follow-up steps that can be taken because the treating doctor understands your husband's condition better. Keep providing support and encouragement for your husband during the recovery process.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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